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Our Digital Meters

Confederation of Aerial Industries   SCTE Excellence in Broadband

Company Profile

Horizon Global Electronics Ltd was established in 2001 introducing high quality satellite and terrestrial test meters to the market and to this day Horizon products remain reflective of the needs of the industry offering; value, ease of use, durability, reliability and excellent customer support.

In 2014 The IMC Group announced its acquisition of Horizon Global Holdings Ltd and its trading subsidiary Horizon Global Electronics Ltd (Horizon), as a strategic and important part of its continued development and core specialisation in electronic instrumentation. To read more about this news click here.

Sitting alongside other strong IMC brand identities, Horizon satellite and terrestrial signal strength meters to this day continue to be designed and manufactured in the UK and distributed through repair and service centres in the UK, Germany, USA and India.

We pride ourselves on our product reliability and after sales service which is reflected in the company's larger clients who continue to use Horizon products since inception.

In addition to our standard product offerings many emerging economy's are choosing to utilise the high performance technology supplied with Horizon products in joint ventures to find solutions to unique and individual requirements worldwide. To-date three original equipment manufacturing (OEM) projects have taken place for leading industry brands based in the USA, Germany and France and we continue to work with other large companies to bring their products to market as OEM's.

All products are manufactured in the UK by full ISO 9002 accredited Contract Electronic Manufacturers. These organisations work in partnership with Horizon to engineer out cost and give the end user a Quality British built product.

The Queen's Award for International Trade

In 2007 Horizon achieved the Queen's Award for International Trade as a result of strong export trade business. This is set to continue with new target markets opening such as India and China.

In an age where technology is key to any business, Horizon has proven that UK companies can compete on a global platform through innovation, investment and commitment. The Queen's Award has recognised the achievements of Horizon and this will help form a platform for further growth with our partners.