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November 2019

Horizon Discontinuation

This announcement serves as formal notification that Hanwell Solutions Ltd. is discontinuing the production of all Horizon product ranges by 31st December 2019.

The decision to withdraw the Horizon brand and its products from the market has come as a result of the integration with Ellab, and the entire group's focus solely on providing thermal validation and environmental monitoring solutions.

Our intention is to support Horizon product ranges for a further 18 months (until 30th June 2021) to allow for future planning by all our customers, therefore, we will offer last time buy opportunities to support your needs.

We would like to thank you for your support over the last few years, and we regret any inconvenience this announcement may cause.

  1. Last order acceptance date for accessories: 31st December 2020. Orders will not be accepted after this date and are subject to availability.

  2. End of support – Last date for Horizon support 30th June 2021.

  3. Repairs - We can no longer offer repair for meters outside of warranty, but we will accept trade-ins for meters up to 5 years old at 50% of replacement meter RRP (subject to availability).

We would like to thank you for your support over the last few years, and we regret any inconvenience this announcement may cause.

Any questions or requests relating to this email should be directed through the normal sales channels; we will certainly try to assist in any way possible. Yours sincerely,

Ian Robinson

Managing Director

September 2019

Discontinued Products

Please be advised that the HD-S2, HD-S2A and HD-TM-Plus models have now been discontinued.
To view our full list of available and discontinued products, click here.

Contact us if you have any queries about these products.

The Hanwell Team.

June 2019

Acquisition by Ellab A/S

We’re excited to announce that Hanwell Solutions Ltd, has been acquired by Denmark based Ellab, a global leader in thermal validation solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical and food processing industries.

The arrangement is an ideal match as our wireless monitoring and control range is world renowned for offering accurate and reliable environmental monitoring products for a wide range of sectors including food, pharma, healthcare and heritage. Hanwell was identified as an attractive target for acquisition due to our high-end product range, which fits well with Ellab’s brand and product portfolio. Same Hanwell, same Ultimate peace of mind

Hanwell Solutions will continue to operate as a standalone entity, retaining our name and brand which are synonymous with top quality British engineering and cutting edge wireless technology, resulting in reliable, robust monitoring solutions. C.E.O Ian Robinson will remain in post and join the management team at Ellab. He explained:

"This is a great opportunity for Hanwell to further strengthen its position in key industry sectors as part of a global organisation with a comparable ethos to our own. Although our core product offering will remain unchanged, our engineering team, in particular, will benefit from additional resources and expertise, enabling us to invest even more time and effort into our innovation and development strategies. We are confident that this will lead to only positive outcomes for our current and prospective customers and look forward to what the future brings."

July 2018

Horizon Meters Support

Please be aware that the download update files will no longer work for the products listed below and all support is being withdrawn from them due to their age and the difficulty in sourcing replacement components.

You can replace these meters with the below options:

  • LHDSM V2.5 - Replacement: HDSM USB (or USB Plus) and also the HD-S2 meter (HD meter). There is also the HDS2A which is for Avanti (Hyles) and Hughes installations (Satellite)
  • HDTM V2 – Replacement: HDTM plus or the HD-T2 (HD meter)
  • Nanosat – Replacement: HDSM USB (USB plus)
  • NanoS2 – Replacement: HDS2 and HDS2A meters

June 2018

The IMC Group has rebranded

We are pleased to announce that we have changed our company name from The IMC Group Limited to Hanwell Solutions Ltd.

Please be aware that although our web address and emails have changed (www.hanwell.com), you can still contact us via the usual telephone number 01462 688070 and postal address. VAT and company registration numbers also remain unchanged.

We thank you for your positive response to this change and look forward to an exciting new chapter together.

January 2018

Horizon Support

Please be informed that the Horizon meters listed in this PDF are over 10 years old and are now becoming problematic to support; therefore a decision has been make to cease support for these models.

August 2014

IMC Group Acquires Digital Test Equipment Experts Horizon Global Holdings

The IMC Group has announced its acquisition of Horizon Global Holdings Ltd and its trading subsidiary Horizon Global Electronics Ltd (Horizon), as a strategic and important part of its continued development and growth strategy. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Horizon designs, manufactures and distributes high quality satellite, cable and terrestrial signal strength meters in a high growth market, and first came to prominence as developers of the HDSM satellite meter for use in the UK by BSkyB installers. It now has repair and service centres in the UK, Germany, USA and India.

The IMC Group - with UK headquarters in Letchworth's Jubilee Road - provides the heritage, healthcare, industrial and food sectors with tailored environmental monitoring solutions that deliver vital information from environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity through to the condition of goods and infrastructure during operation, storage and transportation.

IMC Group MD Ian Robinson said: "IMC has doubled in size due to our focus on new technology as proactive designers and creators of innovative instrumentation products and this latest acquisition fits ideally into our future expansion plans and brings to the Group an opportunity to diversify with a new range of products in different markets, with the benefit of a strong brand name. "

The acquisition of Horizon further maintains IMC's core specialisation in electronic instrumentation and strong brand identity and Horizon will now stand alongside the other leading Group brand names of Hanwell, IceSpy and ShockWatch.

Horizon's UK base is currently in Harlow, only 30 minutes from IMC's UK HQ and will be quickly integrated into the IMC Group at its Letchworth facility to ensure the smoothest adoption takes place, and full assistance will be given to all employees to ensure the whole experience is as positive as possible.

"The IMC Group was formed and subsequently grown from a series of mergers and acquisitions and we shall be continuing that growth both organically and by further acquisitions," added Mr Robinson.