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Our Digital Meters

Confederation of Aerial Industries   SCTE Excellence in Broadband

Horizon Digital Cable Meter

The all-new HD-CM is the latest offering from Horizon Global Electronics to satisfy the need to measure and confirm installation of the increasing popularity of Cable Media installations. The HD-CM offers an easy to use, fast, accurate and affordable solution to precise downstream measurement and fault diagnosis.

As needed with this type of system for the ground engineer, the Meter is fast on start up and recognition of feed information with its Rapid Scan of downstream centre frequencies, with an easy to read screen, Logging Report and Slope comparison.

Fully compliant to ITU-T J.83 standards for DVB-C applications covering Annex A, B & C, as well as multi-lingual support, this Meter is sufficient for the majority of Global Cable use, to include up to 120 AC or DC Volt input
protection and measurement system.

Horizon’s menu template of “keep it clear and simple” has continued with this device, including features such as Bit Error analysis, Carrier-to Noise and true MER expressed in dB, all in an intuitive and single button navigation.

The HD-CM comes as a complete kit with mains charger, car charger and USB cable for data transfer, holding up to 20 channel plans, selectable input reference points and 500 data logging entries.


  • 128*64 pixel backlit monochrome screen
  • Field-replaceable F barrels for RF IN
  • Clear distinction of Analogue or Digital channels, RF level as dBm or dBuV
  • MER or BER as bar graph and numeric values
  • One button press Rapid Scan for downstream channel locations
  • Variable band width of 8 MHz
  • Frequency range 51 to 858 MHz
  • Input levels from -75dBm to +12dBm
  • Signal input support for 16, 32,64,128 & 256 QAM
  • Varying symbol rate from 0.87 to 6.9 Mbaud
  • Signal Squelch adjustment from -75dBm to -55dBm
  • High Capacity rechargeable Ni-MH 3300mAh battery for 7 hours of operation
  • Agile channel plan display format, downloadable plans via USB
Horizon CM Plus