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Horizon Cable Meter Plus

The new Horizon HD-CM+ meter is the ideal cost effective cable installation and cable diagnostic tool for today's demanding cable television installation environments.

The HD-CM+ offers many features like fast channel scan, leakage and ingress detection, spectrum display, data logging, slope test, constellation display and expanded constellation. These features are typically found on much more expansive analysers.

Fast and accurate, with a long battery life the HD-CM+ has been designed with the installer in mind providing maximum flexibility and ease of use. The HD-CM+ is your complete solution for downstream analysis.

The HD-CM+ comes with everything you need to get started. A carry case (with tool pocket), USB cable for channel plan downloads, AC cord for mains charging (internal charger), DC cord for in vehicle charging, protective splash cover and field replaceable F connector input.

HD-CM+ Specifications

  • AC charging input 90 to 250 VAC
  • DC charging input 12V (car charger provided)
  • Dimensions 172 x 170 x 64mm
  • Weight 1.292Kg (inc. carry case)
  • Battery 7.2V 3300 mAh Ni-MH
  • Display 128x64 pixel graphic display
  • Operating time (fully charged) 6 hours
  • Charge time 4 hours fast, 8 hours full
  • Modulations QPSK, QAM and Analogue
  • 16/32/64/128/256QAM DVB-C ITU-TJ.83
  • Annex A, B and C
  • MER, BER and C/N measurement
  • Symbol rates 1 ~ 7 Mbps
  • Selectable bandwidth 6, 7 and 8MHz
  • Frequency tuner 62.5 kHz
  • MER range 19 ~ 38dB +/-2dB
  • BER 10E-2 to 10E-9
  • Frequency range 48 ~ 862MHz
  • Resolution 0.1dB
  • Input impedance 75 ohm F Type connection
  • Maximum channels per plan 135
  • Scan speed 4 channels per second
  • Spectrum display
  • Constellation display
  • Expanded constellation display
  • Centre Frequency 50 to 870MHz
  • Tilt measurement channels 2~5
  • Voltage measurement 0 ~ 120 VAC/VDC
  • Voltage resolution +/- 1.5V 0.1V
  • Leakage and ingress detection
  • Channel plan downloads via web site
  • USB cable for updates provided
  • Data logging
Horizon HD-CM Plus