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Horizon HD-S2A (Advanced) (DISCONTINUED)

Now we offer the next evolution of satellite installation equipment the HD-S2A. The HD-S2A has additional hardware not found on the standard HD-S2 meter.

This next generation DVB-S2 meter features ACM and Hughes ODU tone control functions along with onboard battery pack to enable the direct operation of the latest Hughes ODU assemblies (such as the type used on the Hylas Ka-Band satellites) without the need of any additional external hardware making this type of VSAT installation as easy as a domestic satellite installations. By building on our many years of experience, technical knowhow and the ability to react quickly to our customer's requirements and changes with the satellite broadcast industry Horizon was first to market again with this latest innovation.

Price for the HD-S2A is as follows:

Fitted to new unit at time of purchase from Horizon only, additional £50.00 plus VAT

Retro fitted to previously purchased meter £100.00 plus carriage plus VAT (supplied with additional 3 month warranty)

For more information please contact us.


  • LNB voltage selectable up to 22 V, 750 mA maximum
  • Field-replaceable F barrels for RF IN and OUTPUT
  • Symbol rates from 1 MS/s to 45 MS/s
  • Frequency range 950 to 2150 MHz
  • Input levels from -65 dBm to -25 dBm
  • Bargraph RF level display with values in dBm or dBuV
  • Bargraph display of signal quality for peaking and polarization
  • Display of RF levels over swept frequency range (spectrum)
  • Display of I and Q values by constellation diagram
  • DiSEqC switching supported
  • Easy download of transponder information by area/operator
  • Multiple-entry performance log for off-line upload
  • Quick-check LNB/cable diagnostic by current and RF level
  • DVB-S QPSK - DVB-S2 QPSK, 8PSK, APSK and ACM compatibility
Horizon HD-S2


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