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Horizon HD-STM (Discontinued)

The latest addition to the award winning range from Horizon is a Combination Satellite and Terrestrial Meter offering a much-needed solution for the requirements for both Home and Commercial installations.

The HD-STM is a lightweight, simple to use yet professional instrument for perfectly aligning satellite dishes and Digital antenna.

The onscreen menu maintains Horizons philosophy of “keep it clear and simple”; this can either guide you with “hints” or allows customization for your own typical use and settings, reducing the overall testing time.

The Terrestrial menu can sort and suggest transmitters via postcode, region or even favourites; these can be compared with other transmitters to ensure a best fit for the client.

The Satellite installation can identify channels and report back the readings in a real-time non calculated (pre-BER/MER) as well as post-BER, which is of great assistance should the channel strength vary at different
times of the day.

Onscreen spectrum analysis, Data Logging and powered DiSEqC motor commands are some of the many other features that make this Meter a formidable and reliable tool for installation.

A unique feature for a Meter in this range will be a removable SD memory card for storing data and onscreen images.

The bigger brother to this unit will be the HD-STCM with the addition of a Cable function including upstream
and downstream visability.

Horizon HD-STM Plus


TELE-satellite & Broadband Test Report


Terrestrial functions

Demonstration of the Terrestrial functions

Satellite functions

Demonstration of the Satellite functions