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HDSM Meter

Horizon Digital Satellite Meter Pro

The New HDSM Pro 1U rack mount brings you all of the great functionality of the original HDSM satellite meter series along with an easy to use Spectrum Display, Manual Carrier Confi guration, HDSM Download Compatibility, Constellation Diagram, Multi Frequency Histogram, and Data Logging.

The HDSM Pro is an ideal cost eff ective in truck, earth station or remote location solution for quick and easy satellite identification.

The manual carrier confi guration mode enables you to quickly acquire new services on the fl y and is ideal for rapid deployment situations.

The USB programming port enables you to quickly update the satellite selections stored and the HDSM Pro holds up to 64 different selections.

An LNB supply voltage of 13 or 18 volts DC is available and the DC buff ered L-Band output enables you to loop your signal through to other devices.


  • New graphics capable 128 x 64 pixel high brightness backlit LCD
  • Easy to use Spectrum Display mode
  • QPSK Constellation display
  • Data Logging (upload installation measurement data to your PC)
  • New full speed USB 2 interface with automatic driver download
  • Full backwards compatibility with existing HDSM downloads
  • Manual carrier confi guration mode
  • Quality indicator (Pre BER) displayed alongside RF Level (dBuV)
  • Pre and Post BER can be displayed with their actual values (setup option)
  • Symbol rates 2Msymb to 45Msymb
  • Frequency range 950 to 2150 MHz
  • LNB short circuit protection
  • Upgradeable fi rmware
  • Intelligent internal power supply 100 to 240 V AC for world wide use
  • CE approved