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Our Digital Meters

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Trouble Shooting

Trouble shooting tips for all Horizon meters
HD-SM,HD-SM plus, HD-TM plus, HD-TC8, HD-CM

Please fully read the supplied instructions that came with your meter, as many answers can be quickly found there, along with descriptions of the meter features. Manuals for all meters are available to download on each product page

Horizon Data Cable Pinout (Serial interface models)

Data Cable pinout

3   5
4   3
5   2

Ready made cables available from Horizon at £25.00 (+ carriage + VAT)

USB Drivers (automatic and manual installation).
Newer models of Horizon satellite meters are equipped with USB interfaces. For the majority of users the automatic driver download will take place making it easy for you to update your meter, however in some instances an automatic driver download may not successfully complete (depending on the security settings on your PC and if your PC happens to be connected to the internet).

The manual driver installation procedure is as follows… (USB models only)

  1. Ensure you have disconnected your Meter from your PC.
  2. Unzip the CMD 2.12.18 program (see the utilities pages of the Horizon web site).
  3. Double click the red spot icon to run the driver package.
  4. The required drivers have now been installed to you PC.
  5. Connect your meter to your PC with the USB cable.
  6. Wait for the device recognition to take place (your meter will beep and flash a few times).
  7. Once the meter display is stable and shows program mode you will be ready to transfer files.

Battery advice for all Horizon meters (all versions):
To get the best battery performance from your Horizon meter an overnight charge is recommended. The fast charge is for use where you just need to do one more quick install (say for example you would need to charge the meter on route to the next job using the in car charger supplied).

There are 3 charge states on Horizon meters.

Fast charge: Is ideal for a quick boost (as mentioned above).
Trickle charge: This will appear on the display when the charge cycle has passed 4 hours. We always recommend an overnight charge prior to the next working day to get the maximum performance from your battery.
Float charge: This is rarely seen by most meter owners but it is there to protect the battery if left on charge for over 24 hours and will keep the battery topped up with a very low charging pulse cycle.

Tip: Avoid leaving your meter in a vehicle overnight as cold temperatures will have an impact on the battery performance. Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) battery equipped meters are especially sensitive to freezing conditions (sub zero), we always recommend to keep meters a room temperature for optimum performance.

Trouble shooting the HDSM v2.50 (and older versions) RJ45 to serial interface type.
When downloading new files for your older (serial interface) HDSM meter please ensure that COM1 (or the COM assigned) on your computer is selected from the ComPort drop-down menu of the Horizon Satellite Meter loading program as the default COM is set to USB for newer models, if set incorrectly an Ack not received error will occur (Acknowledgement not received).

Ensure your meter is up to date by checking the preconfigured download page for HDSM, alternatively you can build your own list of satellite selections by selecting the required satellites from those found in the Option 1 list.

The older versions of HDSM can store up to 32 satellite selections, and newer USB equipped models can store up to 64 satellite selections.

HDTM v1 to 1.5 and 2 (old version)
The HDTM Terrestrial Meter Loading program will only have the options of COM1 through to COM4 available from the ComPort drop-down menu.

PC’s with no 9 pin D type serial interfaces:
Modern PC’s may not have 9 pin D type serial interfaces and only have USB ports available (especially lap top computers). However it is possible download new settings to your older Horizon meters by using a serial to USB adaptor, and these are available from most PC accessory retailers. You will need to join your Serial to USB adaptor to your existing Serial to RJ45 interface lead. Once you have installed the software supplied with your Serial to USB adaptor (often a mini CD hidden in the packaging) you will need to set the USB to Serial adaptor to COM1. Here is an example of how to set this up (in this example using Windows XP)

Select Start / Settings / Control panel
In the control panel window select "System"
Select the "Hardware" tab in the window that appears
Select "Device Manager"

A window should appear with a list of your PC devices the one we are looking for is "Ports (COM & LPT)" click the “+” box next to the ports.

You should see one or more options appear here is an example.

- Ports (COM & LPT)
USB to Serial adaptor (COM15) for example.

Note: If the com port is assigned to port other than COM1 for example then this is why the programming software is not communicating with the your meter.

Double click the Line with your USB adaptor information and this will open up the properties for this device. Select the "Port Settings" tab you should have the following settings (Windows default).

Bits Per Second 9600
Data bits 8
Parity None
Stop Bits 1
Flow Control None

Now click the "Advanced" button below the above settings.

in the next window you should see at the lower left side "Com Port Number COM15" if the com number is different to COM1 then set it to COM1 from the drop down list and click "OK".

You can now return to the meter loading program select COM1 from the ComPort drop-down menu and proceed to download your selections to your meter.

Older meter “IC2 “errors RJ45 to serial interface type (with green LCD’s):
The IC2 error detection firmware is embedded into all versions of older serial interface Horizon meters, it is there in the event of a fault to protect the circuitry. The IC2 error indicates that the internal electronics are not receiving correct communication with the internal tuner assembly. This may be caused by very low battery levels (typically in cold weather conditions).

IC2 error conditions for the older HDSM’s can also occur in the event of a high amp demand from the LNB assembly, loose connections between the meter and the LNB (check the cable shorts) or switching to horizontal polarity selections with a very weak battery. Persistent IC2 errors indicate a more serious problem and replacement is probably the best option.

General Safety:
Clean only with a soft dry cloth. Always use the protective case and cover provided. Read the instructions fully before operating your unit for the first time. Care should be exercised when using the carry strap as it can present a choking hazard, only use it when slipping or falling is not a possibility.

Do not disassemble your unit or interfere with the internal components, this will void your warranty and there is a possibility of electric shock.

Only use the provided battery, mains lead, DC car charger and computer programming lead as using other types may cause damage to your unit which will void your warranty or cause electric shock. Replacement battery packs are available directly from Hanwell.

Should repair or service be required return your unit contact us directly at Hanwell Solutions Ltd.

Hanwell would like to clarify their current stand with regards to warranty and repairs on their products, which are as follows:

Repairs and warranty:
All meters returned and found to be "No fault found" will incur a £25.00 bench fee additional to the return carriage plus VAT. Any meter returned for warranty repair or service with the security seals broken will automatically fall under the minimum charge of £100.00 plus carriage plus VAT.

See Conditions of Warranty for further information.

HDSM – Horizon Digital Satellite Meter
Please note we cannot repair Version 1 or Version 2 or version 2.5 Meters.
Any meter older than a version 3 USB cannot be repaired due to obsolescence of components.

HDTM v2.0 – Horizon Digital Terrestrial Meter
Please note we cannot repair Version 1 or Version 1.5 Meters or Version 2.00
This is due to obsolescence of components.

USB/USB Plus – Horizon USB and USB Plus Meters
We can currently repair all versions of these meters

HD-TM Plus, HD-CM, HD-TC8, HD-S2
We can currently repair all versions of these meters

If a meter is less than 3 months old and under warranty at our discretion we may replace the faulty unit with a brand new unit as a replacement. Any replacement supplied in the first 12 months under manufacturers warranty will continue to be covered by the original 12 month warranty period. All other replacement meters are refurbed meters which carry 3 months warranty based on the original terms.

Please contact Hanwell to check serial numbers of any faulty meters before sending them to us for repair. If the serial number is not checked and the faulty meter is non-repairable a carriage cost will be charged to return the unrepaired meter.

Periodical maintenance of replaceable F barrel connectors

F barrel connector Note: Your new meter features replaceable F barrel connectors. Periodically these may require replacement and inspection to insure continued reliable operation. For the removal of F barrels use a 7/16th or 11mm spanner.
F male socket well Carefully clean the surrounding area with a dry lint free cloth to prevent debris falling into F male socket well.
F male socket well Tip: Check for any copper fragments that may have gathered in the well of the F male socket on the meter. These can be removed with a dry cotton bud. When re-fitting F barrels only tighten enough to prevent the barrel being removed by hand.

If the above has not answered your question please either e-mail us with your specific problem or call us on +44 (0)1462 688070 and ask for Horizon meter support.